Boney M. - Rasputin (Sopot Festival 1979) (VOD)


  • "And that, class, is how the first flying human was found..." *"Really? They just went back in time and gave him a wireless mic?"*

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  • А вы знаете как они умерли, поинтересуйтись . Распутин был очень могучим магом , а смеяться над этим нельзя !!!!!!!!

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  • اغنيه:٠٪؜ كلمات:٠٪؜ قفز:١٪؜ شعر ابط وصدر:٩٩٪؜

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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • My moves😂🤣😍😘

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  • idk why but I love it

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  • but I saw Snoop dogg :o

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  • true give him a wireless mic please

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  • Worlds best exercise

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  • I attended a show they gave in my home town in the netherlands. Bobby with a big wig on his head witch he lost arround the 6th song. Moves a bit woody. But still dancing like crazy.

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  • Legend says wired mic was a planned strategy .

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  • This song is really amazing :)

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  • 3:30 is that Snoop Dogg ?

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  • Ai vn ko

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  • I love everything about this. It’s soooo extra ❤️

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  • since Russian anthem is banned from Olympics they should play this instead😂

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  • Ese wey solamente está brinque y brinque y moviéndose a lo wey pensé que iba a bailar o hacer algo bueno, pero la canción está bien vergas

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  • Some songs get rebirth in every decade, this is the song one from them

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  • Raz Putin - i na vsegda!

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  • U cut: Oh those Russians.

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  • Ese coño no se cansa de saltar 😀

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  • I want to dance now

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  • Super kangaroo

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  • 2021

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • When i close my eyes i only see boba fett dancing why????

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  • the 70s were fucking weird

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  • Música boa minha nossa 🛐

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  • Absolute legend

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  • ชอบเพลงนี้ฟังตั้งแต่เด็กๆถึงจะแปลไม่ออกแต่รู้สึกสนุกตาม❤️❤️❤️

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  • Здарово 28.07.21

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  • I was counting how many times he jumped lol...

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  • Crazy

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  • Uma pena eu ter descoberto essa música no tik tok queria ter tido o prazer de dançar ela numa discoteca mas sou de 99 kkk

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  • 56 k idiots disliked this

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  • منو يسمعها 2021

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  • Childe simps be like:

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  • Girls -we are going to have a band! Mom -Take your little brother with you ✌🙄😂

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  • I wonder if he had a GPS on him, just in case.

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  • I want this played at my funeral or I ain't going.

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  • A vibe dessa música é mto boa!

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  • Bobby F, RIP... how m,uch joy you and your team brought to the world...

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  • Nice song 🤠

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  • من بيسمعها من جيل العظماء نحن الان في 2021

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  • Quien viene de tiktok a escucharla?????

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  • Es el que está en mi casa w y el otro día me enfermé el rey de la oreja y la Godzilla y la otra teléfono de mi amigo y la otra teléfono de la Godzilla versus el sillón de la panza

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  • wow, That energy!

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  • Repeat mode 😍

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  • Camera operator and spotlight guy......just hats off....couldn't be any better

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  • In Christmas time very one love to Play Boney M songs

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  • ALGUIEN QUE HABLE ESPAÑOL POR AQUÍ, en este mar de comentarios ... 🤔 😢😢... me siento solo...

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  • Great song!

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  • He's really a Joker😂

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  • India copy that song

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  • Grew up with this

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  • Teacher: this is not what I meant when I said to write about Rasputin for homework...

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  • I’m Viet music

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  • I grew up hearing this sometimes on the Oldies radio stations. Without visuals, I always imagined that the singers were blue-eyed blond women and a big slavic guy. Now I'm like... They're Jamaican?! Is that Prince?!!! XD

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  • Is that song came from Russia?

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  • What a lame clown...LMAO

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  • Feels like the 80s 90s were from my previous birth. Back in India in the 80s, Abba and BoneyM were the only 2 video cassette sets we had. My childhood was entirely Abba and BoneyM. Also a lot of German TV shows by TRANSTEL. I cant forget those days. They will stay with me for ever and ever

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  • 0:53 - Bobby is bouncing so effortlessly. As a kid I used to do whatever he did (ofcourse with 1% of his energy and grace) ! God bless you Bobby.

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  • The mic is the only think that kept him from flying away.

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  • I love that this song is blowing up in 2021...hahahahaha

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  • I'm Japanese.This song is very interesting.😄

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  • I don't know how many times I watched this video within one month of having come across very recently. Loved the whole video.

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  • Ma genshin peeps, where ya at

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  • 2021

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  • Masterclass of 1979

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  • Now, those are some *PANTS!*

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  • Snu anai tgn unshih bh geed durtai duuniichin door bichlee sn suujaga bzde nmg ochhor 2 uula alnaa

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    • uuuu hyula alnaaaaa hahahah

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  • Razpuutin

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  • La gente viene a este videl por ese tik tok :v xd

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  • Why do they all look so nervous lol

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  • ❤️electronic ❤️

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  • Tururururu turuturu 👌🙌🔥🔥

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  • Malayalii arangilum undoo evidaaaa 💥💥💥💯💯💯

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  • Boney m is a great rock star

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  • That is a serious camera ghosting effect for the lights.

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  • Me on ephedra...

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  • tik tok 💩

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  • RIP the silver pant guy

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  • Just iconic!💥

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  • MC hammer stole his pants 😈😈😈

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    • Ok this cracked me up 🤣

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  • 0:52 onde cmç

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  • I like his dance 😂

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  • Testing my Gaming Headset

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  • quần giống phú lê thế

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  • Griffin burns anyone?

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  • ATATÜRK ❤️

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  • eo ktos polska? 😅

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    • Siema

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  • Indians like pls🇮🇳💪

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  • Ra Ra Randy Ford Tried to kill the Mafia He has a cat that has a moustache!

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  • x1.25

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  • Y'avais pas la pub pour l'épilation les gens faisaient tout à fond....

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  • Xd

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